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ANSI Valves

Bronze gate and globe valves manufactured according to ANSI (American National Standards Institute). O.S.K ANSI bronze gate valves offer the ultimate in dependable service wherever minimum pressure drop is important. They are operated by a handwheel. O.S.K ANSI gate valves are best for services that require infrequent valve operation, and where the disk is kept either fully opened or fully closed. They are not practical for throttling. O.S.K ANSI bronze globe valves are highly efficient for throttling because seat and disk designs provide flow characteristics with proportionate relationships between valve lift and flow rate.

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Gate Valve
Type : Gate Valve
Material : Bronze
Media : Oil, Gas, Water
Size : 1/2” - 2”
Nominal Pressure : 300 lbs.
Globe Valve
Type : Globe Valve
Material : Bronze
Media : Oil, Gas, Water
Ölçüler : 3/4” - 2”
Nominal Pressure : 300 lbs.










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